How To Successfully Remove All Types Of Acne In 3 Easy Steps

 Acne is a common human skin disease. Acne is a small pocket of infected oil in the skin, produced by the sebaceous glands located in the chorium of the skin which open into hair follicles. When this oil is trapped and infected it produces pimples known as acne.

What 90% of the people don't know is the root of acne could also be internally. Mostly from the foods you eat and lack of cleansing. 


Acne develops mostly during adolescent years affecting approximately 80-90% of teenagers. Acne is usually caused by an increase in androgen's such as testosterone, which occurs during puberty, regardless of sex. For most people the acne will diminish by the age of 25. 


It generally occurs on the face and back and can become abscesses or deep infected lesions in the skin.


The production of the hormone testosterone, in men as well as women (although it is greater in men), causes the sebaceous glands to grow, producing more oil. Meanwhile, the skin cells near the pore produce keratin. When these two substances mix, the greasy oil and keratin produce an amalgamation which blocks the pore causing a blackhead. when the pore is plugged up due to this substance, bacteria begins to accumulate and grows. This inflames the area and forms a pimple (acne).

Suggested Support:

1. Eliminate as much sugar and flour from your diet as possible, as well as fried foods, butter, chocolate and whole milk. 

2. Increase the consumption of fiber, as well as yogurt, which cleans the stomach and intestine. 

3. Avoid the use of greasy creams or cosmetics.

4. Avoid oral contraceptives and drugs containing bromides or iodides. 

5. Avoid soaps that contain sulfides, iodine, bromides or oil.


Here are some success stories from close family members.

  • My brother suffered with acne around his chin and forehead areas. Being a teenager this was hard for him going to school with imperfect skin. Most teenagers break out with acne in their teen years. This is just one of the common symptoms teenagers experience when going through puberty. My brother experienced almost immediate results using an Aloe based soap on his skin. In as little as just one week the acne around his forehead, nose and chin diminished leaving his skin looking so fresh, smooth, radiant, healthy and glowing.


  • My sister-in-law suffered all her life with face and body acne. This is a different form of acne caused from an increase in androgen's levels such as testosterone. For a long time she had one big lump located in her underarm area. One day it became extremely infected and lead to an abscess pimple. She was booked to have it cut and removed. Somewhere in that time before her surgery she changed her deodorant from a leading brand to a non chemical based brand. The small pimple that turned into and abscess one which would of needed surgical removal and proper cared for was completely healed.


 An abscess is the accumulation of pus in a given part of the body whether internal or external. It frequently occurs in the gums. 


The most common symptoms of abscess pimples are; fever, irritation, inflammation and pain. Abscesses can be formed in any part of the body; the skin, the brain, the arms, the gums, the teeth, the stomach lining, the ears or the kidneys. The type of problem caused depends on where the abscess is located.



The most common cause is infection produced by bacteria, viruses, and fungi which enters the body through an injury or by means of direct contact with the contagion.


 Suggested Support:

1. Use a chemical free soap that cleans deeply into the skin twice a day.

2. Apply an Aloe cream daily with a mixture of stabilized aloe Vera gel, bee propolis, chamomile, vitamins A & E are known to be one of natures best skin care herbs. 

3. Take a bee supplement, this natural and effective antibiotic kills bacteria.

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